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Chevy El Camino & SS Muscle Portfolio 1959-1987


Chevy El Camino & SS Muscle Portfolio 1959-1987
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Is it a car or is it a truck? Rather like Batman, the El Camino defies classification. Ever since the range was introduced in 1959 as a belated response to Ford's pioneering Ranchero, sales have indicated that the buying public can manage without definitions. In a nutshell, an El Camino is what you want it to be: practical hauler, smart evening transport for three, sleek style leader or roaring hot rod, all these possibilities are opened up by the ownership of an El Camino. It was customer demand which persuaded Chevrolet to bring back the El Camino after a gap between 1961 and 1963 when no suitable full-size sedan chassis was available for the model. There was still no suitable full-size in 1964, but Chevy made use of their Chevelle intermediate as the basis of the El Camino, and scored another hit. Performance came to matter, too, and the 1968 range was the first to carry a Super Sport option. The Seventies even saw an estate derivative, but after 1977 this disappeared along with the real high-performance options. Yet subsequent models did not disappoint, and the El Camino variants of the early Eighties were right in the forefront of the latest developments, even featuring an optional diesel engine at a time when America was flirting with compression-ignition engines. Ultimately, the wide range of options and the wide range of powerplants are what made the El Camino great. There is still a huge variety of trucks (or are they really cars?) out there for enthusiastic owners to choose from and to modify according to their own desires. The features between the covers of this book should provide plenty of food for thought, as well as offering a first rate read.

This book tells the story through contemporary road & comparison tests, model intros & technical data. Models covered: 283, 327, 348, 305, 350, 396, SS 396, Trimatic, 454, 4100 Auto, Turbo diesel & Super Sport. With 140 pages & 300 illus. SB.

SKU: CH59MP ISBN: 9781855203907

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