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Mercedes-Benz Vito & Viano 2004-2010 Owners Workshop Manual


Mercedes-Benz Vito & Viano 2004-2010 Owners Workshop Manual
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This owners manual covers the listed Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles with the following engines, fitted to Vito and Viano models. Petrol versions type 119, 122 and 123 petrol V6 with 3.2 and 3.7 litre - engine type 646. Diesel versions 109 CDI, 111 CDI and 115 CDI with 2.2 litre - engine type 112. All Vito and Viano models belong to the model series “639”, with three numbers behind, indicating the precise model. Vito models covered are 639.601, 639. 604, 639.605, 639.701, 639.703 and 639.705. Viano models covered are 639.711, 639.713, 639.811, 639.813 and 639.815. Brief, easy-to-follow instructions are given, free from all necessary complications and repetitions, yet containing all the required technical detail and information, and many diagrams and illustrations. Compiled and illustrated by experts, this manual provides a concise source of helpful information, all of which has been crosschecked for accuracy to the manufacturer’s official service and repair procedures, but many instructions have derived from actual practice to facilitate your work. With 208 fully illustrated pages. SB. 

SKU: MBV4WH ISBN: 9781783180103

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